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Passing the Master's Examination

Mandatory Remote Examinations
In compliance with current campus and state-wide directives, all examinations must be conducted remotely until further notice.  No in-person examinations will be permitted due to both personal and public health risk.

Comprehensive Examination and Report Form

Students participating in a Plan II program may take the comprehensive examination once they have advanced to candidacy. Students must be registered or on filing fee at the time of the examination. The results of all examinations must be signed by the graduate advisor and reported, in a timely manner, to Graduate Studies using the Master’s Exam Report Form. A student’s name will not be placed on a degree list until the completed report form is returned to Graduate Studies and all degree requirements have been met.

Required Graduate Program Exit Information Form

In addition to the Candidacy and the Master's Exam Report Form, Plan II master's students should submit the Graduate Program Exit Information Form to their Graduate Program Coordinator for signature.  Coordinators will forward this form the their program's Senior Academic Advisor in Graduate Studies.

Filing Deadlines

Check the calendar for deadlines on when to pass the comprehensive examination for each degree list.  Usually this is the day your degree will be listed as awarded.

Conferral Letters

Once your forms have been processed by Graduate Studies and you have been added to the degree list, you will be sent a PDF of the degree conferral letter.  The letter, signed by the Dean of Graduate Studies, states you have completed all the degree requirements and will be (or have been depending on date) conferred the degree on your graduation date.  Many employers and agencies accept conferral letters as proof of completion until the updated transcript and diploma are available.  Contact your Senior Academic Advisor if the PDF letter is not sufficient to your needs.  Please note, due to the volume of filing paperwork received and processing time required for each degree list, conferral letters may be sent 3-4 weeks after your report form is received.  

Transcripts & Diploma

Official transcripts, with degree awarded date listed, are available from the Office of the University Registrar two months after the official degree conferral date. 

Diplomas can be picked up from the Registrar in Dutton Hall or mailed.  Graduate diplomas are mailed from the Registrar by the diploma distribution dates listed below - usually four months from the official degree conferral date. Graduate students must submit the address for their diploma to be mailed by submitting the Diploma Mailing Form to the Office of the University Registrar (address listed on the form). One copy of the diploma can be mailed, through USPS, at no additional cost - you do not need to include payment information on the diploma mailing form.  Diplomas will not be mailed until the Office of the University Registrar receives a diploma mailing address.  Signed forms can be emailed to, dropped off at the Registrar, or mailed to the address listed on the form.  

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA MAILING: The Registrar has reported that many of the diplomas mailed to international addresses are not reaching their intended recipients when mailed through USPS (due to loss in customs or theft).  If you wish to receive your diploma internationally, we recommend you use one of the two following options:

  1. You can order through UEMS - eShipGlobal to provide tracked shipping.  There is an additional shipping cost associated (dependent on country) with this third party transaction, and it is entirely optional.  To order with this option, go to UEMS - eShipGlobal and sign up for an account or log into your previously established account. You will need your UC Davis student ID number, mailing address, email address, phone number and credit card information. Please select the Office of the University Registrar option.  You should not submit the Diploma Mailing Form if using eShipGlobal.
  2. As an alternative, and often less costly option, you can have your diploma mailed, via the Diploma Mailing Form, to a US address and ask the recipient to mail your diploma internationally using a carrier with tracking such as Fed-Ex, DHL, or UPS.   

If mailing is previously requested, updates to the diploma mailing address may be requested using the Diploma Mailing Form and must be received by the Office of the University Registrar at least three months prior to the corresponding diploma distribution date listed below.  Additional information about diplomas including name changes, diploma holds, and replacing lost or damaged diplomas can be found on the Office of the Registrar page HERE

Graduation Term | Diploma Distribution Date

Summer | Late December

Fall Quarter | Late April

Winter Quarter | Late July

Spring Quarter | Late October