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Filing & Comprehensive Exam Deadlines

Filing and Master's Comprehensive Exam Deadlines

The first table of deadlines shows the last date students can file to be listed on a specific degree list.  The second and third tables show the last date students can file in order to not enroll in the next quarter.  In the case of filing fee, students must file by the filing fee quarter deadline or request to readmit to their programs.  For example, if a winter quarter student wants to be on the March degree list, they must file by the date on the first table.  If the student needs more time, but doesn't want to enroll in spring quarter, they can file by the winter quarter deadline in the third table - in this case, the student will be on the June degree list.  If you have questions about the deadlines, ask your Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisor.  

Remember, if you are filing a thesis or dissertation, you must upload your paper to ProQuest ETD 48 hours before your scheduled appointment or final filing deadline if  submitting remotely.  For more information on filing the thesis/dissertation and required paperwork, please review the Preparing and Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation page.

Intended Graduation Date Sep. 2019 Dec. 2019 Mar. 2020 June 2020 Sep. 2020
Suggested Date for Filing Thesis or Dissertation with Committee Jun. 24 Sep. 23 Jan. 3 Mar. 26 Jun. 22
File Thesis or Dissertation with Graduate Studies Aug. 30 Sep. 22 Mar. 6 May 29 Aug. 28
Final Day for Master's Comprehensive Exam Sep. 13 Dec. 13 Mar. 20 Jun. 11 Sep. 11


Quarter Student is on Filing Fee Spring Quarter 2019 Fall Quarter 2019 Winter Quarter 2020 Spring Quarter 2020
Deadline to graduate (file thesis/dissertation, or pass comprehensive exam) Sep. 20 Dec. 20 Mar. 25 Sep. 25


Last Quarter Student is Registered Fall Quarter 2019 Winter Quarter 2020 Spring Quarter 2020
Deadline to graduate (file thesis/dissertation or pass comprehensive exam) without having to register for the next quarter. Dec. 20 Mar. 25 Sep. 25