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Graduate Studies Leadership

Jean-Pierre Delplanque
Vice Provost and Dean - Graduate Studies

Jean-Pierre Delplanque is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He serves as Vice Provost and Dean - Graduate Studies. His research and educational activities focus on the multiscale modeling and numerical simulation of complex fluid and thermal processes and systems. Applications are interdisciplinary in nature, crossing the boundaries between mechanical, chemical, and biomedical engineering, and materials science, with specific examples ranging from the characterization of patient ventilator asynchrony in the critical care setting to additive manufacturing technologies. Professor Delplanque received a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UC Irvine.

His experience with students from a variety of angles—on top of his personal experience as an international graduate student himself—equips him with the ability to work closely with the diverse UC Davis community. JP is eager to work both individually and collectively with students to tackle the challenges they encounter on their graduate journey. “There are several facets to the job. One of them is to help students and faculty to work out disagreements that arise, to help advise and remedy problems regarding policies,” he says. “Students come here usually because they can’t find a solution within their own program or with their own faculty members.” JP provides guidance for graduate students to the resources offered by UC Davis.

Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor
Associate Dean, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Professor Hartigan-O’Connor earned a Ph.D. in History from the University of Michigan. She joined the faculty of the History department at UC Davis in 2007 after serving on the faculty at San Jose State University. She is a specialist in early American and women’s history, publishing articles and a book on gender and economic life, as well as co-authoring a textbook and co-editing a Handbook of American women's and gender history. Her stature in her field is undeniable. She has been a board member of Women and Social Movements, an elected trustee of the Business History Conference, and is a founding and standing editor of Oxford Bibliographies Online (Atlantic History). She is a Lecturer with the Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lectureship Program and is PI on an American Historical Association Graduate Student Career Diversity Grant.

At Davis, she has worked across disciplines on the board of directors of the Feminist Research Institute and the executive committee of the Institute for Social Sciences. As Director of Cross-Cultural Women's and gender History and as chair of the History Graduate Program, Professor Hartigan-O’Connor has developed the leadership skills essential for the role of Acting Associate Dean.

Duncan Temple Lang
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Professor Temple Lang earned a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley. He joined the faculty of the Department of Statistics at UC Davis in 2004 after serving on the technical staff of AT&T Bell Laboratories. His international reputation as a member of the core development team of the R system, a computing language and environment widely used worldwide by statisticians, is indisputable. He has authored or significantly contributed to more than 120 R packages released as part of the Omegahat project. He is the co-author of 2 books and is one of 4 co-editors of “The R series”, a book series. He currently serves as Director of the Data Science Initiative. Professor Temple Lang has extensive experience in Graduate Education, having served as Master Adviser in the Graduate Program in Statistics, member of the Graduate Council, member of the Graduate Educational Policy, member and vice chair of the Graduate Program Review Committee, and member, vice chair, and chair of the Graduate Program Review Closure Committee. These experiences have given him the opportunity to interact frequently with Graduate Studies staff and prepared him remarkably for the duties of the Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.