Sponsored by UC Davis Graduate Studies and the Provost’s Office, UCDGAP is UC Davis’ first campus-wide summer research program aimed at recruiting exceptional undergraduate students from within the California State University (CSU) system. The program aims to eliminate the barriers that prevent underrepresented students from successfully entering and completing graduate school by offering them an opportunity to experience the benefits and challenges of conducting research through lab experience, seminars, and mentorship.


To break down the barriers that prevent students from traditionally underrepresented groups in graduate education from achieving the highest level of education attainable within the University of California.

Program Overview

UCDGAP participants can expect to spend around 20 hours each week conducting research. Additionally, students will attend research methods workshops and meet regularly with their faculty advisor and/or research group. Each week brings something new, and you can expect to attend GRE preparation workshops and professional development seminars. To help prepare you for graduate school, you will also attend informational sessions to learn more about the application process, funding opportunities, and program and degree options.