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Student Parents and Families

UC Davis provides a number of resources for graduate students with children and dependent families. These resources assist graduate students achieve their educational goals by acknowledging the time and resources that they devote to parenting and other family concerns.

Student Parents Newsletter

Want the latest news and resources for student parents. Subscribe to Student Parents @ UC Davis, a bi-weekly newsletter with announcements and relevant info for UC Davis student parents.

Breastfeeding Support Program

The Breastfeeding Support Program provides university affiliates and their partners with lactation consultations, support group meetings, and the use of hospital grade breast pumps located in close to 40 lactation sites on the UC Davis campus as well as 10 sites at UC Davis Medical Center. UC Davis policy provides a site within a 5 minute walk of every building on campus. The program is available to employees and students and their partners who register.

Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)

Graduate students are eligible for a maximum 3 quarters leave of absence with department and Graduate Studies approval; an extension can be requested. The purpose of PELP is to enhance the prospect of a graduate student successfully completing their academic program by allowing time for the student to resolve personal, financial or medical problems, including care for a child or family member. The “clock” is stopped during the time a student is in PELP. To apply for PELP, read the informational materials and then contact your graduate program staff coordinator for the application form.