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Transcript Requirements for New Admits

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the shutdowns in response to the pandemic, please note that mail services on our campus (as well as at many other colleges and universities) has been significantly delayed.  Physical transcripts/academic records sent to our office may take additional time to arrive, and document processing upon arrival may take 5-10 business days. Please review the instructions below for additional details.

Your admission to graduate study at UC Davis is contingent upon receipt of official copies of all of your college-level transcripts or academic records by UC Davis Graduate Studies. This is a required step for accepting your admission offer. You will not be able to register for courses at UC Davis until these official documents have been received and verified by Graduate Studies.

If you have not yet completed your undergraduate coursework and earned your bachelor's degree, you still must send in your current transcripts or academic records right away. Once you have earned your degree, you will need to provide Graduate Studies with final transcripts or academic records showing your earned degree during your first quarter of enrollment.

Note for students previously enrolled at UC Davis

Current or former UC Davis students also must send official UC Davis transcripts to our office. Unfortunately we are unable to generate UC Davis transcripts on your behalf. In addition, any transcripts which were previously sent to UC Davis as part of an undergraduate transfer process (e.g. community college transcripts) must be sent directly to our office as well - we do not have access to your prior undergraduate records.


Instructions for Submitting U.S. Transcripts electronically

Due to the shutdown of campus operations at many schools nationwide, Graduate Studies strongly prefers that new students request that official electronic/PDF transcripts be sent directly to our office if possible.

If your U.S. college or university is capable of sending official electronic transcripts please be certain to have them sent directly to Graduate Studies via email at  Your transcripts must be sent to that EXACT email address to be received and processed by our office and must be sent to us directly by your school's transcript issuing service or university records office.

Instructions for Submitting U.S. Transcripts by Mail

Please note you should ONLY take the following steps if your college/university is unable to send official academic records to our office via email.

If you have only attended one U.S. college or university:

Contact the Registrar's Office for that college or university and ask them to mail an official paper transcript to the following EXACT address:

UC Davis Graduate Studies
Attn: Admitted Student Transcripts
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616

If you have attended multiple U.S. colleges or universities:

Following these steps will allow you to confirm that all your prior colleges/universities have issued the transcripts *and* will ensure that all of your transcripts are received by Graduate Studies at the same time.

  1. Contact the Registrar's Office at each college or university you have attended, order a paper copy of your transcript and have it mailed to *you*.
  2. DO NOT remove the transcripts from their envelopes when they arrive. If you open the transcript envelope the transcript will no longer be considered official and cannot be accepted by Graduate Studies.
  3. Put each of the transcript envelopes in a single larger envelope and mail them to the following EXACT address:

    UC Davis Graduate Studies
    Attn: Admitted Student Transcripts
    1 Shields Avenue
    Davis, CA  95616


Instructions for Submitting International Transcripts or Academic Records

Official international transcripts or academic records are defined as original documents issued by the institution which bear the actual signature of the registrar and the seal of the issuing institution. In the case of non-U.S. institutions, do not send the original of an academic record that cannot be replaced. Instead, obtain a properly certified copy. True copies, facsimiles, or photocopies of academic records will be accepted only if the photocopies themselves have been personally signed by an academic official who has certified that they are exact copies of original documents. Each attested copy must also bear the seal and title of the authorizing official. Uncertified photocopies are not acceptable.

Official records in their original language must be submitted with the authorized, complete and exact English translations issued by the university, a government agency, or a certified translation agency.

Due to the pandemic, we are working with international institutions to receive certified transcripts via e-mail. We recommend you contact the registrar or academic affairs office at your institutions to confirm whether they can send all certified documents to UC Davis directly via email. Electronic transcripts should be sent by the issuing institution directly to

If your international institution will not send electronic versions of the transcript, send your official paper transcripts and academic records to the following exact address:

UC Davis Graduate Studies
Attn: Admitted Student Transcripts
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616, U.S.A.


Important Notes

If necessary, University officials may contact the schools of selected applicants to verify their documents. If we are unable to verify transcripts or academic records, UC Davis reserves the right to cancel the application or withdraw an offer of admission.

All documents submitted become the property of UC Davis and may not be borrowed, copied, returned, or sent elsewhere. If you have original academic records which cannot be replaced or reissued by your college or university, obtain and submit a properly certified copy.