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Submitting Your Transcripts

Submitting Your Transcripts and Academic Records

UC Davis graduate programs are no longer accepting paper transcripts as a part of the application process.  Instead, all applicants must upload PDF versions of their transcripts or academic records directly to our system.

In the "Academic History" section of the application, you must be certain to list every college-level institution you have attended or are currently attending (including community college, transfer coursework, study abroad, summer session, etc.). You are required to upload a transcript for every college-level institution. You may upload your transcripts in the Academic History section itself *or* after submitting your application using your Application Status Page.

It is very important that you follow the instructions included below. If your transcripts are not properly prepared for upload it will delay your application from being considered.

Note: Current and former UC Davis students must still upload their UC Davis transcripts - unfortunately we are unable to retrieve your transcripts on your behalf. See the instructions below for details.

Instructions for Preparing Your Transcripts for Upload

  • You must upload a transcript for each institution you listed in the Academic History section of your application. 
  • If your academic record has multiple pages, they should all be included in a single PDF file (but *not* a PDF portfolio).
  • UC Davis will accept scanned copies of original paper transcripts, unofficial advising transcripts, or even web portal-based transcripts. The PDFs you upload do not need to be "official" electronic transcripts issued by your institution. However, the document you upload must include all of the same information that would appear on an official transcript (your name, the institution name, and all of your courses, grades, units, terms, etc.).
  • If you have obtained a PDF version of your transcript from your institution, make certain that it is not password protected or encrypted before you try to upload it (we will not be able to view protected files).
  • Color documents are not required - grayscale or black and white documents are acceptable as long as they are clearly legible.
  • If you are scanning your own transcripts, we recommend scanning using a resolution between 100 and 300 dpi to keep the file size as small. Upload times vary based on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. Larger documents may take several minutes to upload.
  • Your transcript must appear so the text of the pages is legible without having to rotate the pages (the text must already be facing the right way up). Transcripts with pages in which the text appears sideways or upside down will not be accepted.
  • Unless the back of your transcript is completely blank (no stamps, signatures, grade or course information, etc.), you must scan the front and back your transcript.

Additional instructions for U.S. applicants:

Although most U.S. colleges and universities no longer display Social Security Numbers (SSNs) on their transcripts, be sure to check your transcript carefully to make sure that no part of your Social Security Number is included in the PDFs you provide to our office.  It is your responsibility to remove your Social Security Number from any documents submitted to UC Davis as part of the application process.

If your transcript includes Social Security Number information and you are scanning it yourself: Use ink, white-out, correction tape, etc. to ensure that information is not visible when you scan it.  Double-check the PDF after you have scanned it to make certain that no part of your SSN is visible.

If your transcript includes Social Security Number information and you have received a PDF from your institution: Print out the PDF, cross out the SSN using the methods suggested above, scan it as a PDF and double-check the PDF after you have scanned it to make certain that no part of your SSN is visible.

Additional instructions for applicants with international transcripts or academic records:

If your transcripts or academic records are in a language other than English, you must upload a PDF which includes BOTH the original language documents *and* English translations. The English translation must be performed by one of the following: 1) the college or university which has issued the documents, 2) a transcript evaluation service (UC Davis Graduate Studies only accepts WES, ECE, or IERF evaluations), or 3) a government certified translator.

If you have earned a degree from an institution, you must upload documentation showing the earned degree (for example, a copy of your diploma and/or degree certificate) along with your transcript/academic record.

Final Notes

  • If Graduate Studies or the graduate program identifies a problem with the transcripts or academic records you have submitted, you will be contacted via email and asked to upload a corrected version.  Please check your email and your Application Status page frequently for updates
  • If you have applied to more than one graduate program and you have entered information consistently on all applications, the transcripts you uploaded for your first application will be matched to any additional applications.
  • Applicants who are offered admission to a UC Davis graduate program will be required to send official paper copies of their transcripts or academic records to UC Davis Graduate Studies. This is a required step for accepting the admission offer. If you are admitted, you will be provided with detailed instructions regarding where to send your records and what specific documents are required.
  • Verification of Credentials: If necessary, University officials may contact the schools of selected applicants to verify their documents. If we are unable to verify transcripts or academic records, UC Davis reserves the right to cancel the application or withdraw an offer of admission.

If you have additional questions about your transcripts/academic records, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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