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Adding and Dropping Courses

Adding and Dropping

Adding or dropping courses prior to the final add/drop deadline is accomplished online through Schedule Builder. For instructions on how to register, visit our Registration & Enrollment page.

Dropping Courses After the Deadline

Students who want to drop a course after the 10th day of instruction must file a Graduate Studies Permission to Drop Petition. The petition must provide strong justification for dropping the class. Poor academic performance is not a justifiable reason for a late drop. There must be extenuating circumstances for such justification. Students must obtain the signature of their graduate advisor on the petition and submit the form to Graduate Studies for action.  Students should add units (if necessary) to ensure they will maintain a total of 12 units. Petitions may be submitted until the week of final examinations, but late drops are usually not approved.

A $3 fee for the late drop will be charged to the student’s account. After Graduate Studies issues a Permission to Drop (PTD) number, the student has three calendar days to use the number (it will expire at the end of the third day). PTD numbers issued less than three days before the last day of the quarter must be used on the last day of the quarter.

Adding Courses After the Deadline

To add a course after the 12th day of instruction, approval of the program is required in addition to a $3 fee. Follow these steps:

  1. Request approval to add a course from the instructor or program. 
  2. If permission is granted, the instructor or program will issue a Petition to Add (PTA) number. Use Schedule Builder to add the course by using the 5-digit CRN and the 4-digit PTA number. If successful, Schedule Builder will confirm enrollment.

A $3 fee for the late add will be charged to the student’s account. After the program issues a PTA number, the student has three calendar days to use the number. The PTA will be revoked after the third day. PTAs issued within three days of the deadline must be used by the deadline.