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Academic Probation

Academic Probation (AP)

A graduate student is subject to academic probation at the end of any term if:

  • Their term GPA is below 3.0
  • Their cumulative GPA is below 3.0.
  • They accumulate a combination of nine or more units of Incomplete (I), Unsatisfactory (U), and/or F grades.

Academic Probation Process

Following each quarter, Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisors will send email notifications to students who are on academic probation recommending or requiring the student to meet with an advisor to develop a plan to return to good standing.  

Registration Holds

Students who have a cumulative GPA below 3.0 or a term GPA below 2.0 will receive an academic hold preventing registration for the following quarter until students have been advised.  In order to remove the hold:

  1. Students must meet with a Graduate Advisor to develop and document a plan to return to good standing.  
  2. After the meeting, the Graduate Advisor may sign the Recommendation for Release of Academic Hold (GS329)
  3. Hold release forms along with academic plans should be sent to the student's Graduate Program Coordinator for submission to Graduate Studies. 
  4. Once the hold release form and plan are received, the hold will be removed and the student will be able to register.  

Returning to Good Standing

Academic probation status will be removed once the student has both a term and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and once the student no longer has 8 or more units of U, I, or F grades. 

Academic Probation for U Grades

Students who have more than 8 cumulative units of U grade (such as a 12 unit 299 deemed unsatisfactory), are not able to come off academic probation status, because the grades cannot be removed unless the course is dropped or a change of grade is filed.  Students who go on to receive S grades in subsequent quarters are not considered to be on 'active' academic probation, and will only need a PEP for employment during the first AP quarter.  

Employment & Fellowships while on AP

Students who are on AP, are not eligible for employment or fellowships without an exception to policy.  

  • Employment as a TA/GSR - A Petition for Exception to Policy (PEP) must be submitted to Graduate Studies by either the student's program or the hiring department.  In addition to the PEP, the student's program must submit a statement outlining the student's plan to return to good standing and how the program will assist with the student's management of academics and employment for the quarter.  
    • Students who are on AP due to more than 8 units of U grade need a PEP to be employed for the quarter after they are initially notified of their AP status.  As long as the student doesn't accumulate additional U grades in the following quarter, they do not need a new PEP.  
  • Fellowships - The graduate program must submit a statement of support for the students to  The statement should outline the cause of the probationary status, and the student's plan for returning to good standing.

Transcript Notation

Academic probation status is notated on the student's transcript.  Once a student has returned to good standing, or has satisfied all requirements for graduation, the notation will be removed. 

Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)

Students on AP may consider going on the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) to regroup and reexamine their academic goals.  Prior to initiating PELP, students should meet with a program Graduate Advisor to make a plan for returning and review what steps they must take to reach good standing.  


A student on academic probation may withdraw and apply for readmission at a later date. However, the minimum conditions to reach good standing will still apply at the later date and readmission cannot be guaranteed. More information is available on the Withdrawal & Readmission webpage.  


Disqualification for academic standing/GPA at the Graduate level is not automatic.  In all cases, disqualification must first be recommended to Graduate Studies, in writing, by the student's program.  Programs may recommend disqualification for students on continuing AP or Subject to Disqualification status after providing at least one quarter for advising and remediation.  Specific requirements for returning to good standing and a timeline should be documented in the Student Progress Assessment (SPA).  More information is available on the Disqualification webpage.