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Progress and Academic Probation

Stay on Track

Stepping on to the rollercoaster of graduate school can be a daunting experience, but you’re not riding alone.  Your Graduate Advisor, Major Advisor, Program Coordinator, and Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisor are your primary mentors in navigating the academic and administrative aspects of grad school.  Your program will monitor your progress by keeping you on the track towards benchmarks, such as required coursework, exams, and advancing to candidacy, and by working with you to complete the annual Student Progress Assessment (SPA)

When a student is unable to maintain good standing or make normative progress towards their degree, they may be placed on academic probation or receive an unsatisfactory SPA.  They can discuss next steps with their advisors.  These could range from creating an individualized progress plan or taking a planned educational leave (PELP) to withdrawal or disqualification from the program. Maintaining good lines of communication with your advisors, understanding what is being required of you, and setting achievable goals are crucial elements in working towards your graduate degree.  You can do this!