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Finishing Your Degree

Crossing the Finish Line

It’s time!  You have completed all of your program coursework and your thesis or dissertation has been approved or you’ve passed your comprehensive exam or you had a successful project/show date.  Now, Graduate Studies needs to process your final paperwork and add you to the degree list.  Review the filing deadlines to ensure everything is submitted on time.

If you’ve written a thesis or dissertation, you’ll submit it electronically.  Your manuscript, along with those from the other graduates on the degree list, will be published by the university.  You have the option of filing in-person by making an appointment with your Senior Academic Advisor (SAA) or filing remotely – everything but the title page can be submitted via email.  You will want to review the degree completion list for your master’s or doctoral degree to ensure you submit the correct paperwork. 

Master’s students who take a comprehensive exam and MFA students do not need to schedule a filing appointment, but do need to pass their exam or hold their project/show dates by the final deadline.  The program coordinator or advisor will submit your exam report form to Graduate Studies.  Receiving the report is the cue for your SAA to initiate the filing for graduation process. For more detailed information, review the Preparing & Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation and Passing the Master’s Examination pages.