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Scientific Communication

 Pitching Your Story and Working with Your Press Officer. Workshop led by Professors for the Future Fellow, Sara Kross. Sponsored by Professors for the Future and GradPathways

In April 2015, Professor For The Future (PFTF) Fellow, Sara Kross, ran a workshop for graduate students at UC Davis called “Getting Your Science Out There: Pitching Your Story and Working with Your Press Officer”.

Three professional science communicators attended the workshop as guest speakers: Kat Kerlin, Environmental Writer for the UC Davis Strategic Communications Office, Chris Bowman, Communications Director for the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, and Ben Young Landis, the Science Communicator for the Western Ecological Research Center of the U.S. Geological Survey.


Writer, Ben Young Landis, Environmental Writer, Kat Kerlin, and Communications Director, Chris Bowman

Workshop attendees received information on how to work with a press officer, how to identify the ‘stories’ in their research, and how to identify and get rid of jargon. Attendees worked in small groups to help brainstorm and refine the beginnings of story pitches for each individual’s research.

Understanding a little about what goes into translating your science into a compelling story, knowing the potential audiences for your research story, and taking advantage of the communications resources available at most Universities and large NGOs/ research organizations will make you more confident, better able to control the story about your science, and will lead to better coverage of your research.

The pages within this website contain information on:

Working with your Press Officer
Avoiding Jargon
Shaping Your Story- Your Main Messages and Key Audiences
Key Elements - Adding Content to Your Story
Links -  More Communication Resources
Activities - A, B