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UC Davis Advising Graduate Students Conference

Join us for the 3rd annual UC Davis Advising Graduate Students Conference!

September 9, 2020 9AM - 12 PM
Webinar Format

This year's theme is “Advising and Mentoring Graduate Students in Unprecedented Times” there will be a focus on Crisis Advising, focusing on how best to support and advise graduate students in the face of crises, be they individual, group, regional, or global in scope, and registration is free.  

The UC Davis Advising Graduate Students Conference (AGS) is a chance to collaborate, share best practices and innovations, and empower our campus to support graduate student success.

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Co-Chair Kim Berardi - Human Development/ Child Development 

Co-Chair Rachel de los Reyes - Graduate Studies

Sayrar Chansomebath- Electrical and Computer Engineering

Christine Diepenbrock- Plant Sciences

Karryn Doyle- Microbiology

Nicole Dyer - Graduate Studies

Leah Galasso - Public Health

Rufa Pazyuk- Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nicole Rabaud - Molecular, Cellular,and Integrative Physiology

Dana Reed - Economics

Mary Reid- Education

Brad Wolf - Graduate Studies

Wallace Woods - Graduate Studies

Christal Wintersmith- Biomedical Engineering