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The Versatile PhD: A Career Resource for Humanities and Social Sciences PhD Students


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For graduate students in the humanities and social sciences
Are you unsure about your future in the tenure track? Are you considering a wider range of possible employment outcomes? The Versatile Ph.D. was developed to demystify non-academic Ph.D. careers in the humanities and social sciences, and help you identify professions seeking your highly valued, marketable skills.

Your online community and resource for non-academic career options 
GradPathways - Graduate Studies and the Internship and Career Center are pleased to offer you free, unlimited access to The Versatile PhD, an online community where you can explore non-academic career options in a supportive and confidential environment.

UC Davis’ university subscription to The Versatile PhD gives you unlimited free access to all of its content and features. Once you register, you’ll be able to:                               


  • An active community—find support and advice from members familiar with the non-academic career pipeline
  • Searchable membership directory
  • Local VPhD meet-ups
  • Confidential


  • Hiring success stories with real resumes and cover letters
  • Career biographies
  • Career Panels—Recent panels featured careers in e-learning and instruction design, writing and editing, government, non-profits and university administration.


  • PhD Career Finder—Explore non-academic careers for PhDs in your discipline, along with suggestions for how to prepare for them, view this short tutorial on how to get the most out of this feature.
  • Job listings—Search at the site or have them delivered directly to your email inbox

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More than 50,000 students from top universities across the US are using The Versatile Ph.D. site to plan their next career steps and make important networking connections.

“I give thanks regularly for VPhD. Now I’m aware of humanities opportunities that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve used the site to read Ph.D. career biographies, get career advice and support, and join a local VPhD group, which led to an informational interview.”

 - PhD Candidate, English, UC Davis