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Ethics and Professionalism

Developing Your Core Competency in:

Professionalism and Ethics

Acquiring a solid foundation in research skills and ethics to develop as a professional are among the many goals of graduate education and postdoctoral training. Much of this development is provided through faculty mentorship and guidance. In addition, GradPathways, the Office of Research, professional societies, and individual departments provide workshops, trainings, and symposia in these areas. 




  • Workshops and Events

  • Winter 2020 Workshops and Events



    RCR:  Human Subjects in Research 1/06 Please Register
    RCR:  Research Misconduct 1/13 Please Register
    Professors for the Future Information Session 1/29 Please Register
    Team Science for the 21st Century 1/31 Please Register
    RCR:  Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities and Relationships 2/03 Please Register
    RCR:  Intellectual Property 2/24 Please Register
    RCR:  Conflict of Interest 3/02 Please Register
    RCR:  Financial Management of Grants 3/16 Please Register
    For Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses:
    Click on the links above to register for each of the courses in LMS. Alternatively, you can log into, click on “Find a Course,” then search for “RCR” to find all of the RCR courses listed above.
    Please contact Staff Development and Professional Services ( if you need registration assistance and/or issuance of RCR certificate.

    List of All GradPathways Events

    Podcasts of Previous Workshops and Seminars
  • Courses and Programs

  • To develop and gain a deeper understanding, consider signing up for courses, seminars, and programs offered through the Office of Research, GradPathways and other on and off campus units.

    Course/Program Title

    Quarter Offered


    IRB Education, Training, CITI   NA


  • Individualized Advising

  • One-on-One mentoring or specialized programming to meet your individual needs is available. Consider the following offered through GradPathways and other on and off campus units.


    Get the Most Out of the Library
    Start the year off right by making sure you’re getting the most out of the UC Davis Library:

    Grad Student Library Tours: Learn more about how the library can support your research and teaching: Articles and books for your research; materials from throughout the UC system and the world; help with data management, GIS, copyright and publishing; special collections and more. Tour dates: Oct 17 & 23, and Nov 1, 6, 14 & 29. Details and registration.

    Research Consultation: Whether you are starting a research project or working on your dissertation, research librarians are available to help you review the scholarly literature in your field, find primary sources and data, and make interdisciplinary connections. Drop by the Library Research Consult desk on the second floor of Shields Library, M-F 10am-5pm and Sun 1-5pm.

    Faculty Mentorship

    Faculty mentors set the tone for academic integrity and ethics in their research groups. Professionalism occurs both through candid discussions and modeling ethical behavior. Issues such as authorship, appropriate use of grant monies, and ensuring proper protocols are followed in working with human or animal subjects are some of the many topics that faculty routinely address with their graduate students and postdoctoral scholar mentees.

    Collaborative Research

    The Statistics Department is offering consulting and research collaboration to members of the UCD campus community through the STA 260 class, Statistical Practice and Data Analysis.  If you have a research project that fits the educational goal of this class, you may want to take up this opportunity. The service provided through this class is free of charge and may lead to collaboration opportunities upon mutual agreement. We welcome everybody from the campus community. To request for this service, send a brief (less than one-page) description of the scientific problem, data collection plan, and any other relevant information, to the instructor, Jane-Ling Wang, e-mail:

    Statistical Consultation

    Services include providing advice to individual researchers in preparing statistics-related sections of proposals for extramural funding, assisting researchers on the design of prospective experiments or studies, conducting or giving advice concerning statistical data analysis, and planning or executing statistically motivated computation.

    Customized Programming
    This work might include, but is not limited to, the design, implementation and maintenance of databases, problem specification set-ups for use of statistical software, mathematical and statistical programming, and the development of graphics applications.
    A number of seminars, workshops and other presentations on applied statistical methods, statistical software, and selected statistical case studies are sponsored by the Stat Lab each year. Special purpose presentations can be arranged on a recharge basis.
    Contracted Studies

    The Stat Lab can perform statistical research and data analysis on a contract basis. For information on this service, and for a document describing relevant University and laboratory policies on such consultation, contact the Stat-Lab staff at at



  • Community Building and Activities

  • Designed to limit the isolation experienced by graduate students to further enhance their retention and positive experiences here at UC Davis

    Join the Campus Judicial Board


    Join Professional Societies – Although not specifically tasked with advising graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, professional societies within the student's discipline provide guidelines with respect to authorship and produce materials related to scholarly integrity and professionalism. These societies also play an essential role in setting, defining and clarifying expectations of ethical conduct.

  • Additional Resources

  • IRB Guidelines, Forms, and Resources for Researchers