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Presentation Skills

Developing Your Core Competency in:

Presentation Skills

Presentation and public speaking skills are required of all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars for success in their programs and chosen career fields.  For English language learners, additional resources are available to help address the challenges of communicating in a non-native language.

Poster presentations at the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium
Graduate and professional students prepare for their poster presentations at the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium.


Graduate Student English Language Learner Support
  • Workshops and Events

  • Summer 2019 Workshops and Events



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  • Courses and Programs

  • To develop and gain a deeper understanding, consider signing up for courses, seminars, and programs offered through GradPathways and other on and off campus units.

    Course/Program Title

    Quarter Offered


    Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety and Improving Presentations - Now on iTunes U Returning Soon 2 - P/NP
    Courses for English Language Learners Varies Varies


  • Individualized Advising

  • One-on-One mentoring or specialized programming to meet your individual needs is available. Consider the following offered through GradPathways and other on and off campus units.
    Advising for English Language Learners

    One-on-one language tutoring is available for graduate student teaching assistants and instructors through the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE). This free service is offered to all UC Davis graduate students and faculty members. For more information, contact Barbara Mills.

    Presentation Skills Consultations

    Available through partnership with the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE), receive feedback to make your presentations more engaging and better learning experiences for your audience.

    Teaching and Presentation Anxiety

    A common fear, but highly treatable! Receive tips for controlling teaching and presentation anxiety by making an appointment with a counselor at Counseling Services.

    Tutoring or Language Exchange

    The UC Davis Language Center has program designed to help native speakers of one language find native speakers of another to help one other in language learning. Through the Tandem Exchange Program you can conduct a search available language partners on the website.  The Pal Program through the the Office of Undergraduate Eduction, International and Academic English, pairs up UC Davis students for intercultural conversation experiences. Participants can use these sessions to practice their target language, acquire intercultural competence, explore campus, and enrich their college experience. 



  • Community Building and Activities

  • Participate in these opportunities to connect with others and practice your presentation skills:
    Grad Slam

    A competition to find the best three-minute research presentation given by a UC Davis graduate student. The winner of the campus-wide competition will compete in the UC system-wide competition in spring quarter!  Prizes are awarded at both competitions.

    Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium

    UC Davis has a variety of research being done by graduate and professional students and this is a great opportunity for them to share their work with each other, the campus, and the wider community. Many prizes are awarded at this annual event to both seasoned and novice presenters.

    Postdoctoral Research Symposium

    The UC Davis Postdoctoral Research Symposium is a great opportunity to UC Davis postdoctoral researchers from all fields to present their work, to learn about other work performed throughout UC Davis, and to network across disciplines. Prizes are awarded for the best talks and posters in each session.



  • Additional Resources

  • Scientific Communication Workshop developed and led by Professors for the Future Fellow Sara Kross
    Graduate Student English Language Learner Support