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Guardian Professions Program

The new UC Davis Guardian Professions Program offers assistance to former foster youth wanting to pursue a graduate degree. Our mission is multi-faceted: 1) We educate undergraduates with a background in foster care about graduate school, the advantages of earning an advanced degree and the career opportunities associated with different programs; 2) We offer supportive services to former foster youth as they develop the necessary academic experience and the skills to successfully apply for graduate degrees; 3) We coach applicants through the complex application process and provide small scholarships to cover the associated expenses; and 4) We provide supportive services during the time a student is enrolled as an advanced degree student at the university in order to ensure successful completion of the degree objective.

UC Davis has over 90 different graduate programs as well as a number of highly ranked professional schools. In addition to the opportunities available in their respective departments, UC Davis graduate students have a full-range of professional development support through Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Career Services and the GradPathways Program.

If you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree (and spent time in foster care in California or were a ward of the court) please contact Jacques Bowyer or (530) 754-6531, for further information.