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About Graduate Council

About the Graduate Council

The Davis Division of the Academic Senate is the mechanism through which UC Davis faculty share the responsibility of governing the University alongside the Administration. The Academic Senate is composed of Standing Senate Committees of which the Graduate Council is one. Included in the Graduate Council's purview are:

  • The making of reports and recommendations on graduate education to the Davis Division of the Academic Senate and the UC Systemwide Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (e.g., concerning new graduate programs and/or degrees);
  • The periodic quality review of all graduate programs;
  • The setting of policies and standards concerning graduate students' progress toward their degrees (from the admission of qualified applicants, the advancement to candidacy of qualified students, the appointment of student committees, the conduct of examinations for degrees, to the rules on the form of the dissertation, and the conferring of degrees);
  • The limiting of employed students' study lists and the overseeing of part-time degree status;
  • The setting of standards for appointment of students to be Teaching or Graduate Student Researchers, to other student employment titles as well as for the appointment of postdoctoral scholars;
  • The recommending of the award of fellowships; and
  • The advising of campus officers concerning relations with educational and research foundations and any matters pertaining to graduate work.

Davis Division Academic Senate Bylaw 80. Graduate Council
Graduate Council Subcommittees
(October 1, 2010)
Graduate Council Structure

Meeting Minutes

Graduate Council meeting minutes are available through the Academic Senate's website.

Reports from the Graduate Council by year released