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Providing Written Feedback on Student Assignments

Wed, 05/09/2018 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
126 Voorhies, Please Register:
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Written feedback on writing assignments can be an invaluable part of the learning process for students, but it can also be extremely labor intensive for instructors. Those grading essays are often left wondering what they should be leaving comments on and how much feedback is too much? In an attempt to help answer these questions, this workshop will discuss strategies to provide effective feedback and the benefits of using assignment specific rubrics.

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Instructor: Jillian Azevedo earned her Ph.D. in early modernBritish history from UC Riverside in 2014. She is a Lecturer in the UniversityWriting Program at UC Davis and also a Writing Across the CurriculumConsultant. She is the author of Tastes of the Empire: Foreign Foods inSeventeenth Century England (McFarland 2017), an intersection of British history, food history, and gender studies. Her latest research has focused on the problematic historiographies of 17th century figures and understanding how to most effectively integrate writing into undergraduate history courses.

Sponsored by the University Writing Program: WritingAcross the Curriculum Program and GradPathways (Graduate Studies)