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Principles for Writing a STEM Research Article

Mon, 05/10/2021 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Writing an article for publication in a scholarly journal  is a large project and it can be easy to get overwhelmed or confused, or to feel like you don’t know where to start. This workshop will help to demystify the article writing process, and give you tools that you can use in planning, drafting, and revising your article. Designed for graduate students who are preparing to write their first journal article, or who are revising a paper for publication in a scholarly journal, this workshop focuses on identifying the writing moves and genre conventions of a successful article in a specific STEM journal. We will discuss strategies to use the moves and conventions we identify to outline, draft or revise an article that will get accepted for publication. This workshop is one-third presentation,one-third guided research, and one-third analysis and application of the strategies we discuss. You will leave the workshop with a clearer understanding of the expectations for journal articles in your field, and methods for achieving these expectations in your own writing. 

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Workshop Leader: Dr. Cassie Hemstrom (PhD Literature 2014,University of Nevada, Reno) is a Lecturer in the University Writing Program at UC Davis. She teaches a variety of lower and upper division composition courses including Writing for Business and Writing in the Health Sciences. Cassie's interdisciplinary research focuses on intersections of composition pedagogy,identity theory, and information literacy. Cassie is also the Professional Writing Minor Internship Coordinator and helps students pursuing the minor find and complete internships that will prepare them to do the types of professional writing, researching, editing, and digital composition that they will encounter in their careers.   
Sponsored by the University Writing Program and GradPathways Institute for Professional Development (Graduate Studies).