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PFTF: "I Thought I Knew How to Write" – Overcoming Writing Anxiety and Advancing in Academic Composition. (Kathie Gossett & Eugenia Fernandes)

Thu, 05/07/2020 - 5:00pm to Thu, 05/06/2021 - 9:38pm
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Stuck with your academic writing? In this Professors for theFuture workshop, we will connect with specialists in psychology and academic composition to investigate some of the possible causes of writing anxiety as well as what to do when we seem blocked and unable to progress. 

This second workshop in the series covers how writing specialists deal with writing anxiety (understanding ourselves as different types of writers and how to find the best practices for productive writing). Feel free to attend even if you missed the first workshop!


Eugênia Fernandes, PhD: Department of Spanish andPortuguese, Second Language Acquisition, Coordinator of CELPE-Bras proficiency exams at UC Davis

Kathie Gossett, PhD: Assistant Director, Graduate Writing at UWP, Graduate WritingSpecialist.

The goal with each of these sections is to enable participants to develop a better relationship with academic writing as they learn what to do and where to find help when facing this problem. 

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Sponsored by Professors for the Future, Counseling Services, the University Writing Program, and the GradPathways Institute for Professional Development (Graduate Studies)