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Boosting Sentence Structure for Multilingual Writers

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
126 Voorhies Hall
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Please register: Participants are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. This workshop is a hands-on practice session where participants can try techniques for increasing precision, accuracy, and description at the sentence level. We will work through opportunities to write about our own ideas (conveying a direct message to the reader), others’ ideas (paraphrasing), and data (choosing verbs to best suit the concept). Instructor: Bill Sewell teaches for the University Writing Program, where he has taught all levels of writing, including multilingual writing (UWP 22 and 23) for first-year students. He primarily teaches upper division writing, including Advanced Composition, Writing for the Health Professions, and Writing for Business. Past work experience includes technical writing, and his research interests include rhetoric, prose style, inquiry-based teaching, professional communication, and multimodal composition. He recently became the Editor for Writing on the Edge (WOE), which is a publication of the University Writing Program. Sponsored by the University Writing Program: Writing Across the Curriculum Program and GradPathways (Graduate Studies).