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Our Commitment to Diversity

Diversity in Graduate Education at UC Davis ​

Graduate students who bring to the university a diversity of ideas, cultures and backgrounds are rare gems!  The Office of Graduate Studies at UC Davis values a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences among its students--as this diversity strengthens and enriches our research, scholarship, and teaching. A diverse graduate student population also enhances the academic experiences for all students. 

We are committed to a multicultural academic environment that supports the success of all graduate students. Diversity among students, faculty and staff is an integral factor in graduate education at UC Davis, to achieve an equitable, hospitable and inclusive educational environment.

Diversity Resources for Prospective Students 

UC Davis Diversity Officers ​ ​​ ​​ ​

To address graduate student diversity the Office of Graduate Studies has hired two Graduate Diversity Officers (GDOs) to join a team of diversity professionals. Josephine Moreno, Ph.D., addresses the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences (HASS) and Education fields, while Steve Lee, Ph.D. works with STEM fields. As part of their work off campus, both Moreno and Lee are charged with increasing the pool of talented, competitive diversity graduate students by recruiting at colleges and universities. Likewise, on the UC Davis Main Campus the GDOs offer professionalizing workshops, provide academic support, and overall contribute to a welcoming and supportive campus culture for a diverse graduate student population.

Graduate Diversity Orientation Program (GDOP) 

New graduate students at UC Davis are invited to attend the Graduate Diversity Orientation Program (GDOP). This orientation focuses on diversity issues in higher education and success in graduate school. GDOP engages students committed to diversity, with issues they may experience in their first year and the changing demographics at UC Davis, in California, and in the U.S. Through skill building workshops, interactive panels, and networking with diversity peers, faculty and staff, the GDOP prepares students to successfully navigate graduate school in their first year, balancing their commitments while becoming  themselves resources and advocates for a diverse and inclusive campus community. 

Graduate Student Orientation

The Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) is a 5-day event involving workshops, training and networking opportunities for all new incoming graduate students. GSO programming offers incoming students opportunities in diversity training and also targeted networking through various diversity student groups, staff and faculty representation .

AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center 

UC Davis acknowledges the barriers AB 540 and undocumented students face and is committed to providing students access to all levels of higher education. As part of this commitment UC Davis officially opened its AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center in the Fall of 2014. The Center offers personalized support to undocumented graduate and undergraduates students, their families and communities in overcoming many of the legal, financial, and professional obstacles they may face along the journey of obtaining higher education. Please see the AB 540 & Undocumented Graduate Student Resource Page for more information.

Grad School Preparation Programs 

At UC Davis there are many graduate school preparation opportunities hosted by Graduate Studies, the Cross-Cultural Center and the Internship and Career Center. Potential graduate students should seek to further develop skills and knowledge about graduate education, how to apply to graduate school and valuable professional skills. These skills and knowledge will aid you in preparing for graduate school.

Guardian Professions Program  

The UC Davis Guardian Professions Program offers assistance to former foster youth wanting to pursue a graduate degree.

McNair Scholars Program 

The McNair Scholars Program is a two-year program funded by TRIO and the U.S. Department of Education designed to encourage students from groups often underrepresented in graduate programs to pursue doctoral degrees.

UC-HBCU Initiative 

The UC-HBCU Initiative is a program offered by the University of California Office of the President which connects faculty and undergraduate scholars at both UC (University of Calfornia) and HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) campuses.

UC LEADS Program 

The UC LEADS (Leadership Excellence Through Advanced DegreeS) is a two-year program designed to identify educationally or economically disadvantaged undergraduates in science, mathematics or engineering who show promise of succeeding in doctoral degree programs.