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Students walking on the UC Davis campus.

Latest News

UC Davis Receives Laspau University Award In Recognition of Grantee Support

Laspau (Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities) is an organization affiliated with Harvard University.  Laspau connects individuals and institutions with global education opportunities through admissions testing, scholarship management, university development, and alliance building. For over a decade, Laspau has helped hundreds of universities identify ideal candidates, innovate teaching methods and improve their effectiveness. 

UC Davis student Vostok Bernal snapped this photo of the mountains of Cajón del Maipo in Chile. (Vostok Bernal)

Global Experiences Take Students to All 7 Continents

Global academic projects and internshipsstudy abroad, and international research do more than help you to reach your academic goals. They also broaden your horizons through exposure to hands-on experiences and new cultures in diverse settings. At UC Davis, students are gaining skills and partnering with collaborators in all corners of the world.


Grad Students Across Creative Disciplines Showcase Work at Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

Twenty-four UC Davis graduate students, across a wide range of creative disciplines, will showcase their work at an upcoming exhibition on campus. The Arts and Humanities Graduate Exhibition opens Wednesday, with an opening celebration Thursday. The exhibition includes students across the arts and humanities at UC Davis, including students in English, design, art, music, theater and dance.

Graduate Student / Researcher Team Wins Big in This Year's Big Bang! Competition

BioMilitus, a team of four graduate students and a researcher from UC Davis, captured the $7,500 People’s Choice Award and five others for a total of $22,000 and innovation lab services valued at $3,000. The business is developing the use of agricultural by-products to produce insects as nutrient-rich ingredients for feed in the poultry and aquaculture industries.