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Graduate Studies Commencement: Safety & Security

Security Precautions

Admission to the Ceremony

Our commencement ceremony begins at TBD. Doors to the Pavilion will open at TBD Guests arriving earlier than TBD will not be admitted. Guests may wait inside the ARC or outside in the shade until the Pavilion doors open. Guests are not allowed in the student line-up areas.

For Your Safety

Although UC Davis does not anticipate any security problems during commencement, we take special measures to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and guests at our events.  All bags will be checked prior to entering the Pavilion.

Please observe the following restrictions for all commencement activities on the UC Davis Campus:

  • No firearms, explosives, or other weapons.
  • No drugs or alcohol permitted.
  • Any person found to be intoxicated or carrying drugs or alcohol will be detained or escorted out.
  • No artificial noise makers, air horns, or megaphones.
  • No large signs, flags, poles, banners, or laser pointers.
  • No animals -- except assistance dogs -- are allowed in the Pavilion.
  • No food or drink allowed, with the exception of bottled water.
  • No large bags, backpacks, oversized purses or items larger than 12" x 12".
  • Due to safety and liability issues, strollers and baby carriages are not allowed on the main floor of the Pavilion.
  • All commencement venues have the authority to prohibit any other items deemed to be a security risk. In such cases, patrons will not be allowed to bring those items inside the event venues.

These policies are subject to change without notice.