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Priority Two

Priority Two

Create a vibrant and inclusive community that values open communication and interaction

2.1. Increase diversity in our graduate student and faculty populations.

  • Through the Transforming Graduate Admissions (TGA) Project, examine current graduate admissions practices and the outcomes of application, admission and enrollment at four campuses in the UC system.
  • Award strategic admissions funds with the aim of encouraging programs to host campus visits and other personalized interactions that target students from underrepresented backgrounds. 

2.2. Strengthen the profile of graduate humanities, arts and social science programs.

  • Deepen Graduate Studies’ engagement with graduate students, faculty and staff in humanities, arts and social sciences disciplines. 
  • Establish the position of Faculty Assistant to the Dean Humanities & Social Sciences to advocate for the unique needs of humanities, arts and social science programs.

2.3. Develop new and foster existing international partnerships in order to globalize graduate education.  

  • Add full-time staff member to focus on international graduate education partnerships, admission processes and international student support.
  • Develop and deploy international student admission, retention and orientation strategy designed to help international students succeed in their graduate programs and careers.

2.4. Renovate Walker Hall to create a physical space for the graduate and postdoctoral community.