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Priority Four

Priority Four

Facilitate the holistic development of individuals

4.1. Maintain and expand programs regarding faculty mentoring and advising.  

  • Increase graduate faculty participation in the Mentoring at Critical Transitions Seminar Series and the Mentoring at Critical Transitions Fellowship.
  • Expand the Distinguished Graduate and Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Award programs to recognize additional mentors.
  • Create an annual electronic progress report to streamline processing and facilitate valuable discussions between students and faculty.

4.2. Provide professional development resources and training. 

  • Expand the Graduate Studies portfolio of professional development training available to include programs focused on the students’ desired career paths and experiential training, increasing the students’ ability to pursue a variety of academic and industry careers. 

4.3. Determine services to be delivered to postdoctoral scholars.  

  • Perform a comprehensive review of the needs of UC Davis postdoctoral scholars, as well as what services are currently offered.
  • Develop postdoctoral scholar-specific professional development opportunities, training resources and communication processes.

4.4. Expand and improve the student services housed in Graduate Studies.

  • Strengthen support services including mental health counseling, mentorship training, student orientation and dispute resolution.
  • Develop processes that better facilitate campus dialogue and allow graduate student voices to be heard and recognized.