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Grad Studies Staff Wellness

Welcome to the Grad Studies Staff Lunchtime Wellness series and potluck, a Mindfulness and Wellness Ambassador Program at UC Davis. Open to Graduate Studies staff and partner wellness group, each session integrates a social well-being potluck and short wellness presentation. 

Contact the Grad Studies Wellness Ambassador for more information about the series and potluck, or questions about becoming a partner wellness group.

Contact the Grad Studies Wellness Ambassador.

Wellness Workshop Series (12 p.m. - 1 p.m.)

Topic Date Location Register

Mindfulness 101 & Mindful Eating

  203 Mrak Hall Presentation

Mindful Walks, Healthful Apps & Meditation 101

  203 Mrak Hall Presentation

The Book of Joy Challenge

  203 Mrak Hall Presentation
Summer Mindfulness Tea Workshop Summer 2019 203 Mrak Hall  
Watercolors in the Arboretum Summer 2019 East of Mrak Hall  


Event FAQs

  • Who can attend the Grad Studies wellness series?
  • The wellness series is designed for Grad Studies staff and partner wellness groups in Mrak Hall. Contact the wellness ambassador for more information on partnering with Grad Studies wellness events.
  • What kind of food should I bring? Does it have to be something super healthy with no flavor?
  • The focus of the potluck is on social well-being. While healthful treats are encouraged, the purpose of the potluck is to engage and support healthful activities and learn more about wellness resources. 
  • Should I bring workout shoes?
  • Keep your walking shoes close by as we'll venture out to the arboretum for lessons on walking meetings and mindful walks. 
  • I missed an event! Will information be on the website?
  • Yes. Slides will be posted on this page after each event or you can find the wellness ambassador for a recap.  
  • Do I need to attend every session?
  • The series is part of the UC Davis Wellness Ambassador program and is available at your pace. For those taking part in one of the 8-week challenges, it is recommended that you attend series workshops during the duration of your challenge.